Published by: FlexiTog, 16/11/2020 10:28 AM

Clo-i specialise in innovative ways to develop insulation technologies that are superior to other types of insulation. Clo-i insulation uses a special and unique fibre that brings together all of the desirable qualities of other fibres to create a single fibre that is breathable, stable, durable, and most importantly, keeps the wearer warm.

Fibres that are mostly used in warm clothing are solid, shaped, or hollow. Solid fibres are strong and stable, shaped fibres allow for wicking and breathability, and hollow fibres provide warmth. Using just one type of fibre will, therefore, provide the wearer with some benefits, but will not provide them with all of the benefits of a superior textile. That’s where Clo-i fibres step in. They combine solid, shaped and hollow fibres into one unique product which provides all of the benefits of the other three fibre types.

Clo-i fibres provide the wearer with a unique, all in one solution providing the following benefits: 

Warmth. Our number one priority, keeping our customers warm, is helped by the fibres being shaped in such a way that they allow for enhanced airflow and retention of warm air, meaning insulation is optimised.

Breathability. The increased air flow that allows for warmth is also important in making the fibres breathable.

Strength. The fibre’s unique shape means that it is extremely strong and durable, as well as being flexible.

 Vapour Wicking and Water Repelling. Clo-i’s structure means that water vapour is released by the fibres, wicking away perspiration from the wearer. Moreover, the structure ensures that water is repelled from the outside as well, keeping the wearer dry both inside and out.

Maximum Comfort. Clo-i is lighter weight than traditional insulation and has a soft and comfortable feel against the skin.

Clo-i Insulation is used in a range of our products, including balaclavas, jackets, hats, gloves, and boots. Our Clo-i Collection offers innovative layered insulation technology, using this unique fibre which provides anti-compression, superior warmth, and breathability.