I want to reduce my warehouse energy bills,
but how?

 I want to reduce my warehouse energy bills but...

I have staff working in there who need to stay warm to maintain morale, efficiencies, KPI’s, and keep my business running? 

And I don’t want to upset this, but the cost of maintaining a heated warehouse is denting my profits – so what to do? 

One answer lies in providing your staff with Thermal Protective PPE – this is a SIMPLE AND COST EFFECTIVE way of ‘heating the body rather than the room’ and your staff will look and feel stylish, comfortable, and WARM. 

Quote - 'One layer of thermal long underwear allows you to turn down the thermostat with at least 4° C, saving up to 40% on space heating energy'.* 

Invest in your staff and they will reward you time-over - purchase a Thermal Clothing KIT from the industry leaders today

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* source https://www.lowtechmagazine.com/2011/02/body-insulation-thermal-underwear.html

How do I maintain body warmth when working in the cold ?
simple solutions that make a huge difference.