FlexiTog Acquired by RefrigiWear
The Largest Selection of Insulated Workwear Just Got Bigger!

NORWICH, UK (March 06, 2024) – We are very pleased to announce that FlexiTog, The UK and Europe’s leading supplier of Thermal Protective Clothing, has been acquired by RefrigiWear, the largest supplier of insulated work apparel for the cold chain industry in the US.

“With so many of our top North American customers establishing a growing presence in Europe, it only made sense that we continue our partnerships with them as they grow. By acquiring FlexiTog, we expanded our capabilities to serve these and other European companies in a growing market,” says Ryan Silberman, CEO of RefrigiWear. “The fact that FlexiTog already offers a catalogue of high-quality products means they aligned perfectly with our domestic RefrigiWear brands and overall purpose: keeping workers comfortable and productive in tough conditions.”


RefrigiWear, established in 1954 in the United States, has 70 years of commitment to designing the warmest industrial apparel, with a deep understanding of the challenges faced by working in the extreme cold. The RefrigiWear family of brands also includes Avaska, best known for its modern styles of freezer gear, and Samco, recognized for its value-oriented selection of cooler- and freezerwear basics.

FlexiTog serves the UK and European market and has sold millions of products globally. The FlexiTog brand is known for its high-quality, warm and comfortable apparel for cold chain employees and for putting customers first with the best possible service. FlexiTog will continue to operate as its own brand in UK and Europe, supporting its large and expanding customer base.

“Our goal is to become the trusted and go-to supplier for Thermal Protective Clothing globally,” says Rolf Lyon, Managing Director of FlexiTog. “By joining forces with RefrigiWear, an established company that shares our great values and passions, we will be able to expand the kind of quality services and products that hard workers in the cold chain have come to expect and rightly deserve.”

By joining forces, we are stronger together. We will be able to expand our service levels and products and bolster capabilities for all cold chain companies – we will be offering a vast array of combined products to cater to all requirements and serve more market sectors globally.

For more information on protective thermal workwear or the new RefrigiWear and FlexiTog partnership, please contact +44 (0) 1692 400 300 or email sales@flexitog.com

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