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Glove Liners for Sub-zero Temperatures

Need extra warmth and protection for your hands? FlexiTog's range of glove liners is perfect for individuals who want to shield their hands from harsh, sub-zero temperatures. Paired with our chiller or freezer/cold store gloves, these glove liners will provide you with the extra warmth you are missing. Browse through our collection and place your order before 4 PM for next working day delivery. 

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Mixed Fibre Liner FG8
0.71 € 0.71 € 0.71 EUR (EXC VAT)
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Extreme Warmth Liner Glove FG400N
3.84 € 3.84 € 3.84 EUR (EXC VAT)
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Acrylic Thermal Liner Gloves FG301
3.83 € 3.83 € 3.83 EUR (EXC VAT)

Offering safety and protection to our customers is our priority. FlexiTog's glove liners are the perfect addition to individuals operating in cold weather, providing a warm, snug and flexible fit. Each of our glove liners can be worn with our freezer or chiller gloves and separately. The Extreme Warmth Liner Glove FG400NV is a FlexiTog favourite and is preferred by many due to its ultra-thin construction. However, it still succeeds in providing ultimate warmth to the wearer thanks to the Hollow Fibre Yarn — traps air and supplies better warmth with no extra bulk. 

Our Acrylic Thermal Liner Gloves FG301 are perfect gloves for individuals who prefer a more snug, thin and flexible fit. Due to the added thermal retention, wearers receive superior warmth alongside a comfortable fit. 

The Mixed Fibre Liner FG8 is the perfect addition to any freezer glove but can be worn separately, as well. It is manufactured with 10 Guage grey cotton acrylic, a harder-wearing material than our other liners with a heavily brushed inner.