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High Visibility Vests and Attachments

At FlexiTog, we prioritize protection and safety. Along with our thermal insulated workwear for cold temperatures, our brand also offers Hi-Vis Safety Clothing for individuals who operate in low-visibility areas. Our high visibility vests range includes hi-vis waistcoats that can be worn on top of our thermal insulated jackets for individuals operating in cold stores, freezers and sub-zero temperatures, ensuring maximum safety and protection. They come in two bright colours: orange and neon yellow. 

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5.02 € 5.02 € 5.0200000000000005 EUR (EXC VAT)
5.02 € 5.02 € 5.0200000000000005 EUR (EXC VAT)

Why invest in our hi-visibility vest range?

Ensure you and your team are well-protected with our safety clothing range, including hi-vis vets. Hi-visibility vests are a type of clothing that workers wear to improve their visibility and help them operate safely. The bright-coloured vests are also worn to notify teams of where each worker is located, for example, in dangerous areas with low visibility in high altitudes, traffic barriers, trees or even fog. Additionally, our hi-vis vests can be easily worn on top of our thermal workwear jackets for workers operating in freezers, cold stores and job sites with sub-zero temperatures.  

Our hi-vis vets come in two colours, orange and neon yellow, made with special pigments to improve visibility as they can be easily seen in low light conditions (dusk, dawn, cloudy/foggy days).